To provide a comprehensive upkeep of the technical state of the facility. Professional approach and corresponding technical facilities will increase the life time of the building and the value of the client’s property.

Within the frame of the technical maintenance we provide a non-stop breakdown service.

  • Inspection according to regulations, audits and professional inspections
  • Operation of certain equipment (boiler rooms, lifts etc.)
  • Daily upkeep of facilities
  • Management of the real estate, documentation concerning each building
  • Management of particular services according to an operation budget
  • Control of guarantee periods
  • Taking over and receiving buildings and technologies according to valid legal regulations and according to lease contracts including final statements
  • Putting into operation
  • Putting out of service
  • Breakdown service
  • Standby duty 24/7/365
  • Providing the service of a power engineer
  • Optimization of costs
  • Keeping operation documentation
  • Preparing data certificate of the real estate and setting a plan of upkeep
  • Performance audit of the management of the real estate
  • Modernization/rehabilitation – turnkey projects
  • Reconstruction of business premises, modification of the internal layout according to requirements including ensuring legal conditions
  • Waste management
  • Coordination of suppliers
  • Reporting


Providing all services connected with the administrative management of the building, representing the client in dealing with third persons, doing the paperwork of the building, preparing operation rules, economic services etc.

  • Management of lessees, regular communication with lessees according to a pre-arranged scope, keeping records of debtors according to a provided or present internal rule, representing the owner when taking over and handing over residential/business premises
  • Support when negotiating lease contracts
  • Setting the administration of buildings including complaints, guarantees, insured events, regular maintenance, audits and professional inspections
  • Providing the service of a caretaker
  • Cleaning services
    - Daily
    - One-time (glass areas, premises with special treatment)
    - Facades (platforms or mountaineering equipment)
    - Summer cleaning/upkeep of outdoor areas
    - After finishing building works
  • Providing security services
  • Winter upkeep
  • Copy and print services
  • Keeping the green vegetation inside and outside
  • Operation of parking areas
  • Removal services
  • Providing canteen services/catering
  • Providing reception services, telephone exchange services
  • Post and forwarding services
  • Other services according to the lessees’ requirements or resulting from the character of the building