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Purpose of our company

Everything what we do
put added value for our customers

EAB Company started on the ground with long-term international experiences and built on world class know how.

Based on potential of the local market in terms of world class and consistent service, bring us to put together international know how and understanding of local market.

Now we are able to offer this level of service for very good value for the money and meet customer expectation.

The goal of our company is to help real estate owners to find the best economic way how to manage their real estate, including technical, organizational and law services, setting optimal rent with regular review, and through the long term special care maximize investment return.

Our Customer is on the first place without any compromise in all company processes.

We put great emphasis on the quality of recruitment, complex training and sophisticated motivational programme.

Our values

  • We deliver
    what we say we do.

  • Consistant quality
    Through high level of recruitment our new colleagues, special training and motivational bonus programme.

  • Customer satisfaction
    is always on the first place and it is result of our effort.

  • We do business
    legally and honestly.









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Why you should choose us

  • 1

    We fulfil
    your expectations

  • 2

    You get professional services

  • 3

    We truly listen
    to your needs

  • 4

    We are solid
    and trustworthy


  • 5

    We offer you world class services in very good price

  • 6

    We are here for you 24/7/365